Hello, I’m Moira.


I’m a dancer, researcher and writer on dancing. I trained in ballet, which I love, but my passion is 18th-century dance. I’m a baroque dance specialist.

The 18th century is one of the few times in history when dances were written down – notated – and over the years I have reconstructed and performed many of the ballroom and theatre dances that survive from the early 1700s. I have given many papers at conferences (usually dancing as well as speaking) and published many articles on a variety of topics relating to 18th-century dance. My book The Incomparable Hester Santlow, on the life and career of the English dancer-actress, was published in 2007. More recently, I’ve become interested in the social dances of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. These are not as demanding as the baroque choreographies, but they are just as much fun to perform.

I’d love to share my enthusiasm for all these wonderful dances, by writing about some of the things I’ve learned as well as my new discoveries. I’d like to show you the dancing I like, and talk about some that I don’t. I want the dancing of the 18th and early 19th centuries to be better known and appreciated and to generate some fresh creativity around these great dances from history. I’ll be posting regularly on a variety of topics, from the court ballet of Louis XIV to quadrille steps from the 1820s.

I hope some of you out there will join me, so I can talk online to new people as well as those who are already friends.

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